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Alex, Elisa, and Tim Baca
Arianna Baca Memorial Court

In a solemn ceremony, teammates, friends and family of Arianna Baca joined Palo Verde to dedicate Court #1 to her memory.
From this day and forever it will be known as her court, where she played so many of her matches. Arianna is fondly remembered for all she meant and still means to so many people throughout to Palo Vede community.  She was a bright, kind-hearted, beautiful soul, who left us too early on November 12, 2018 due to a traffic accident.  We would like to thank her parents Elisa and Tim and her brother Alex, plus other family, and let them know we were blessed to have her in our lives and are proud to call her a Titan.  This world lost an angel, but Heaven gained one.  Arianna, you are always in our thoughts and prayers.